About Me

I’m Arshed Nabeel, an eccentric yet focussed, deeply opinionated yet reserved, enthusiastic yet incredibly lazy Computer Science graduate (and if everything goes as per plan, soon-to-be graduate-student) from India.

When it comes to blogging, I’ve been quite a nomad – in my relatively short span of largely sporadic blogging gig, I’ve switched platform twice.

  • I originally started blogging in April 2010 with Blogger, on a blog titled “Undulations”. This being my first foray into the blogging experience, posts here are sometimes philosophical, sometimes literary, sometimes rambling; and most of the times, rather immature.
  • Exactly one year later, in 2011 April, I decided that Blogger was maybe too complicated for my blogging needs, and switched to a Tumblr version of Undulations. At roughly the same period of time, I was working as a contributor to several tech-blogs around the internet (some of them quite reputed, some less so) – hence, most of the posts here cover personal technology issues.
  • In October 2012, I decided that I need a slightly more mature, less rambling blog. Since I was also getting tired of some factors of Tumblr’s over-simplicity, I decided to switch to WordPress (which I had known and loved from my experience at the above said tech-blogs), hence is the birth of this blog. Going forward, I intend to keep the tumblog around for personal posts and rambles, while posts here will be less frequent and better curated.


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