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‘WWW’ for ‘World Wide Web’ is probably the world’s most inefficient acronym – a 9-syllable acronym for a simple 3-syllable term!


The Aging Book of Faces

Facebook has been in an increasingly lethargic slumber for the one year.

While it’s true that the past couple of months saw a large number of updates – all kinds of tickers, lists and timelines were being thrown in our way – how many of these were original work? Let’s face it, for the most part, everything was shamelessly ripped of it’s new-found competition, Google+ – the latest update, which extended the word-limit to 63000 characters, was outright blatant: a feeble and despicable attempt to lure back writers who seem to be flocking at Google+.

The mobile scene is much more worse. While the mobile HTML5 website itself does a good job, the mobile apps are mediocre on both the major platforms: On Android, Facebook has a buggy, laggy, mediocre app that hasn’t recieved an interface refresh since its inception; on iOS, it’s for the most part a mere wrapper on the HTML5 website. Compare this to the official Twitter app, or the underdog called Path, and you see how far behind we’re stuck with Facebook.

Of course, Facebook will not be at significant loss being behind in the game – even if it continues uninventive as now for another year, it will not lose significant traction in the game, it’s already too deep in business for that. Who are at loss? We, the users – switching is not an option for the average Facebooker. 

The Pacman Phenomenon in the HTML5 Era

With HTML5 and dynamic web being the latest buzzwords of the industry, nobody really wanted to be far behind in the run – no, not even the good old Pacman. It’s hard to tell what surprised me more, is it the miracles that HTML5 manages to do to the web; or is it how the Pacman manages to nail you down for hours regardless your age, regardless how busy you are supposed to be.

The Pacman Phenomenon in the HTML5 Era